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Home Referrals

Referral/Specialty Care


Ryan Keegan, DVM, DACVIM (cardiology) is available for appointments at both our Mount Holly and Tuckerton offices.  Dr. Keegan offers cardiology consults, echocardiograms, ECGs (including Holter monitoring), etc.  If you have a patient in need of a cardiology consult please reach out to our reception desk at or call Mt. Holly (609) 261-7280 or Tuckerton (609) 812-5273 to schedule.


Amanda Davis, DVM, DACVO is available for haul-in appointments for equine and large animal cases at our large animal facility (Meadow Creek Farm) .  Dr. Davis can provide both medical management and surgical procedures that can be performed standing.  Post-treatment hospitalization and management is available as well. If you have a patient in need of an ophthalmology consult please reach out to our reception desk at or (609) 261-7280 to schedule.

Small Animal Surgery

We offer advanced small animal surgical services at both of our office locations.  In Mt. Holly, consults and procedures are handled by Dr. Dennis TingDr. Ben Staiger provides surgical services for our Tuckerton office.  Both have completed surgical residencies and limit their practice to surgical cases only.

Surgical Services for Goats, Sheep, Alpaca, and Miniature Pigs

We provide both routine and emergency medical and surgical services for goats, sheep, camelids, and miniature pigs.  Matthew Edson, DVM is available for consults at both our main office and Meadow Creek Farm.  For more information about livestock surgery please reach out to Dr. Edson directly at