We Moved! Our New Mt. Laurel Location Provides Bigger Spaces, Increased Appointment Availability, And New Urgent Care Services

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We’ve been talking about it for months now on social media, but we’ve finally moved from Mt. Holly to Mt. Laurel! Over the weekend, we moved our office at 84 Mill Street in Mt. Holly to 3201 Marne Highway in Mt. Laurel—right into the former Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia office building! (Note: The new CHOP office is located at 200 Marter Avenue in Moorestown.) 

That means the same office that used to treat our clients’ children will now treat their puppies and kittens—and much, much more! With this new and improved location, we’re excited to offer our patients and clients an even better veterinary experience, one even better than the customer experience that’s helped us win “Best Veterinary Office/Hospital” by the Burlington County Times every year since 2018!

The Mt. Laurel Rancocas Veterinary Associates' Office Sign

Reflecting on Years of Growth in Mt. Holly

When Rancocas Veterinary Associates owner Dr. Matthew Edson moved his primary office from the basement of his family farmhouse to the Mt. Holly location seven years ago, he wasn’t sure how he was going to book both exam rooms all day, every day. 

“It seemed like the biggest leap in the world to buy this little building,” says Dr. Edson. “In retrospect, it’s funny that we had ever been worried, seeing the growth we’ve had. We moved seven years ago, and we’ve needed a bigger location ever since our first year in this office.”

True enough, we quickly built a name for ourselves throughout the community. Those two exam rooms in Mt. Holly quickly filled up—weeks and months in advance—from morning to night, open to close. As the office grew, Dr. Edson quickly engrained the company into the community he grew up in, partnering with the local police department to ensure the health of their K9 unit, and offering ambulatory care for large animals within 30 miles of the Mt. Holly office—a service that will continue at the Mt. Laurel office.

Still, he and the rest of the Mt. Holly team have been unable to ignore some of the office’s shortcomings. The small office parking lot quickly fills up with staff and client vehicles, and having only two exam rooms means the team often refers away emergency visits—despite taking as many as they can. Plus, the limited amount of room within the office means team members are constantly working on top of each other while striving to give patients and their owners the privacy they need during more sensitive visits. 

Fortunately, all of that changes with the new location in Mt. Laurel!

The Challenge of Moving

It’s been surprisingly tricky finding an ideal new office location! For years, we’ve struggled to find the perfect combination of three factors:

  • Size – We definitely required something that could accommodate more than two patients at a time in our exam rooms, but we also wanted clients to have additional parking and for our team members to have sufficient space to spread out and work as efficiently as possible. 
  • Location – We didn’t want to move to the other side of the state! Instead, we wanted to remain within the same general area so we could continue serving our local clientele without significantly disrupting our visitors who travel from an hour or more away.
  • Features – While physical space is important, so is parking, having plenty of exam rooms, and a larger lobby that can accommodate numerous people and pets. 

As we eventually learned, the former CHOP location was perfect. They already had numerous exam rooms they used for their pediatric patients, and the building comes with plenty of private, off-street parking. 

With so many ideal features built-in, we’re able to move into the office without completely remodeling the premises and building new rooms! 

7 Huge Benefits of Our New Office

The immediate benefits of moving to Mt. Laurel are quite obvious, as we’ve moved from a location with 1,300 square feet to a new office with 5,500 square feet! “In the new space, we’ll be able to do things we’ve never done before,” says Practice Manager Laura Buonpastore. And with those new strategies comes better service and health outcomes for the patients who come through our doors.

The biggest benefits include:

1. Urgent care options. With only two exam rooms in Mt. Holly, our ability to see patients on an emergency basis has been limited over the years. But with the additional exam rooms and the space for additional hires, we’ll be able to take more urgent care cases than ever before! Check out our Emergency Services for details. 

2. Even better overall treatment and experience for pets. The entire veterinary experience will be better for the pets at our Mt. Laurel location! The extra physical space means we can maintain a greater distance between pets, creating a less stressful environment for worried or sick animals. 

3. Seven exam rooms mean more appointments in a single day. With so many exam rooms, we won’t have to worry about overlapping appointments in the same room, and we can better accommodate emergency visits and urgent care walk-ins. Plus, we can spread out the pets based on behavior and temperament, which means we can keep nervous cats well away from squealing pigs—and make similar accommodations for pets throughout the building. 

4. A larger waiting room. Instead of the tiny waiting area in our Mt. Holly location, cats, dogs, sheep, pigs, and everything in between will have plenty of space to spread out. Plus, we can even have a sick area for emergency appointments and well areas for routine checkups. Our team members are especially excited. “I love the layout,” says Office Manager Taylor Gregory. “It’s so much more spacious compared to what we currently have. I think everyone will be really surprised!” 

5. Plenty of parking. With more than 30 parking spaces, we can accommodate even more patients and staff members without worrying about the number of spaces available during the busiest moments of the day. 

6. Better privacy. All of those extra exam rooms mean patients and families can receive additional privacy. So, if a vet needs to explain a complex procedure, they can do so in the quiet of an isolated exam room. And because we’ll have a dedicated comfort room, grieving families can bring their pets in through a private entrance for end-of-life treatment and euthanasia. 

7. Room for additional staff. As many of our clients have witnessed in the Mt. Holly location, our team members frequently bump into each other. That won’t be the case in the new Mt. Laurel office! With so much room, vets will have dedicated office space and our techs can spread out as they work. And with all the room left over, we can hire additional team members to continue providing a high level of service to our clients!

Optimistic About the Future

Looking ahead, we’re excited for the new opportunities our Mt. Laurel location will create for the team. Here, we’ll be able to continue providing high-quality veterinary services in the same family-friendly atmosphere we’ve become known for.

We truly can’t wait to become part of the Mt. Laurel community.

If you’d like to learn more about our Mt. Laurel office or schedule an appointment, contact us